Guillotine England is a British luxury brand specialising in designing and creating beautiful merino lambswool and cashmere gilets for men. Using the finest British materials from Abraham Moon and Sons Mill in Yorkshire and stylish linings form Liberty Print Art fabrics and colourful crepe backed satins.

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$ 311.39

Our Limited Edition blue linen gilet with Khom block print lining from the Royal Textile house of Thailand

$ 285.97

A soft aubergine merino herringbone with Liberty lining and old gold soft velvet inner Nehru collar

$ 285.97

A thicker Shetland Wool duck egg blue gilet with an aubergine velvet inner Nehru collar

$ 63.55$ 317.75

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The Vega Gilet

$ 189.38$ 285.97

A dark blue cashmere blend with a burgundy velvet inner Nehru collar

$ 285.97

A dark green cashmere/lambswool blend with burgundy soft velvet inner Nehru

All gilets

The Khyber Gilet

$ 285.97

A camel cashmere blend with royal blue velvet inner and outer Nehru collar

$ 189.38$ 247.84

A heavyweight cashmere blend dark blue (almost black) gilet with burgundy velvet inner Nehru collar

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